Little Vinnie (7 days old)

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I know you are used to me posting workouts, recipes and motivation here. I promise, that is all coming back – sooner than later! (You can still find all our free workouts here.) In the meantime, this is the best way for me to share our most recent joy with my FHM community, my family & friends. So bear with me as I Baby Bomb you for a moment. . .

Here are some shots from Vinnie’s one week photoshoot. Thanks to My Beloved Photography for the awesome shots!

Why can't grown up back fat be this cute?!

My big sis, Dani, keeps a very watchful eye on me.

I am the new FHM and Seattle Sync Fitness mascot!

I have many sweet, smiley dreams.

V is for Vinnie.

Sweet cuddles.

Start of a big yawn.

Cuddles with my Daddy.

I have the best lips.

Huge feet like Mom.

Sometimes I scream a *little*.

I heart Daddy's finger.

In this light, it looks like I *may* be a redhead like Mom. She is scared.



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brenda walhain on October 15, 2012 at 9:45 pm.

Smiling … what a beautiful boy. Falling in love with them is so much fun :) xx


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