Cardio Abs: Workout to Burn Belly Fat

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There are really, truly no “Ab Workouts” that will give moms a flat belly. Moms get flat bellies and lose belly fat by making changes in their diet and doing the right kid of exercise (NOT ab workouts). Tips for a flat mommy belly:

1. Eat CLEAN and REAL food 90% of the time – that means 1 cheat meal a week.
2. Greatly reduce or eliminate grains.
3. Increase water – at least half your body weight in ounces everyday.
4. Strength train – building lean muscle mass is essential for burning fat, including belly fat.
5. Stop doing traditional steady state cardio and do high intensity intervals. This burns way more fat, especially belly fat!

If you are going to do an “Ab Workout” if should be something like the workout in the video. It should never, ever involve laying on the floor doing 13 different kinds of crunches. Those kids of “Ab Workout” are a total waste of time and do nothing to flatten your belly. Nothing.

Two workouts suggested workouts from the video above:

Cardio Abs 1: Tabata Format
Inchworm x :20
Rest x :10
Jump Knee Tucks x :20
Rest x :10
Squat Thrusts x :20
Rest x :10
Lateral high Knees (aka Heismans) x :20
Rest x:10
REPEAT x 2 rounds, no rest between rounds (except :10 between exercises)

Cardio Abs 2:
Lateral High Knees (Heismans) x 20 reps
Inchworms x 10
Jump Knee Tucks x 10
Squat Thrusts x 10
Rest :30, Repeat x 3

These are the kinds of ab workouts my clients do to burn belly fat. None of my moms do crunches. In 8 years and hundreds and hundreds of clients, I have never had a mom flatten her belly with crunches or ab class. Never. All my SuperMoms, and every single mom I work with locally, lose belly fat by cleaning up their diet and changing their exercise routine to increase muscle mass and increase cardio capacity through high intensity intervals, therefore burning more fat and calories around the clock.



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