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I LOVE it when I get moms email me their weight loss stories. It really, truly makes my day. Last week I got an awesome email from Lauren, who recently finished her 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss program and then jumped straight into SuperMom Workouts (brilliant move, by the way – maintain the momentum!!) Here’s what she had to say:

“I wanted to let you know that I have been doing PWL and now Super Moms since January and have already lost 12 lbs. I have three children, with the youngest only being 5 months. I decided that I really had no excuse not to get back in shape and lose the baby weight (and a few extra pounds, maybe!?) This babe is definitely the last and I’m ready to focus on myself, my health and my fitness. I now weigh a few pounds less than I did before this last pregnancy–yeah me, and I’m about 5-7 lbs away from what has been my lowest weight as an adult. It feels SO good! People are commenting on how great I look, always a good motivator right? and better yet, I feel good.

All of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit and even some of my smallest sizes that I haven’t bothered to try on in a long time. I think I’m going to have to go shopping soon for new stuff–good for me, bad for the wallet! The best part is that I don’t look at this as a diet; it’s more of a healthy eating lifestyle and something I know I can maintain after I’ve hit my goals.

Before PWL, I thought I was a healthy eater for the most part, but I learned that even Whole Wheat and Whole Grain and other “healthy” things are not necessarily healthy. The way you outlined it makes so much sense. By making small tweaks and following your eating plan, I feel full and healthy. Of course, I do have cravings from time to time, and sometimes I give in, but within reason, and the best part is I’m still seeing results.”

Lauren is a great example of how to WORK the program. What you can learn from her experience:

It’s not about perfection. Just about daily, consistent effort.

It feel so good to accomplish something for YOU.

Taking a close look at your diet and re-assessing what’s “healthy” is imperative if you want fast and awesome results.

Take pride in being your best version of yourself, regardless of your circumstances. Lauren’s youngest is 5 months old – look at how much she has accomplished to be the BEST version of herself RIGHT NOW.

It is okay to take imperfect action. My mentors tell me this all the time. If I waited to start working toward my goals until I could execute them perfectly, I would NEVER accomplish anything. Life is not about being perfect. It’s about moving forward and improving yourself as you go.

Lauren emailed me when she first bought her PWL program and said she was getting ready for a family trip so DisneyLand. She wanted to know if she should wait and start the program after returning home. I told her if she went on the trip and just did things 50%, that would get her 50% closer to her goals that doing nothing during vacation. She listened to that advice and kick-started her journey while ON VACATION! You can imagine how easy it would have been to put it off until she got home. And then upon returning home from vacay with three kids, life would have been really hectic and who knows how long she may have continued to put it off. Instead, she just got started. She took imperfect action and LOOK AT HER NOW – just a couple months later. WOW.

How amazing does Lauren look after 2 months of steady effort work?!

Way to go Mama! I’m so proud of you!!!



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Kelli on March 21, 2012 at 6:24 pm.

Good for you, Lauren!!! You look great! I needed to jear that about not waiting for perfection. My family is traveling a lot, and being fed by others a lot (garlic bread, spaghetti, cereal, etc.) so eating perfect and exercising (most of the time we are sleeping in the same room) are obsticles right now. So this helps me look at it in a more positive light. How would you compare the two programs?


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