I’m Baaaack . . . with a Cardio/Core Workout Finisher

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I’m partially back from maternity leave. By partially I mean that Little Vinnie is sleeping long enough in his swing for me to actually get in a workout AND write a post for you all. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new routine!

I have been on the workout wagon for 2 weeks now. It has been humbling. I have about 8 pounds of baby weight to lose. I’m not worried about that. Mostly I want my lean muscle and strength back. That is more important than the scale!

One Week Postpartum

Here is my 1 week postpartum pic. I lost 24 of my 32 pounds of baby weight in the first week after Vinnie was born. Read more »

Little Vinnie (7 days old)

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I know you are used to me posting workouts, recipes and motivation here. I promise, that is all coming back – sooner than later! (You can still find all our free workouts here.) In the meantime, this is the best way for me to share our most recent joy with my FHM community, my family & friends. So bear with me as I Baby Bomb you for a moment. . .

Here are some shots from Vinnie’s one week photoshoot. Thanks to My Beloved Photography for the awesome shots!

Why can't grown up back fat be this cute?!

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It’s a . . . . BOY! (Maternity Leave Note)

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Little Vinnie Dean arrived on Sunday, September 23rd, 8 days early. I’ll write about my entire birth at a later date. But, I will tell you he panicked me. I had big plans for those last 8 days – a life of leisure on the couch and running last minute errands, moments to myself before giving 18+ years to someone else….. But Vinnie was ready and my water broke at 4 am on Sept 23rd. I tried to hold him in for a few hours – seriously. I thought maybe I could will labor to stop. No such luck.

Over a week later I am so happy I have had this extra time with my little man. What a gift these 8 days have been. Not that they have been easy. WOW. Not Read more »

Bump Photos!

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At 37 weeks, we did a photoshoot with Christie Lucarelli of My Beloved Photography. Christie did a great job, as you’ll see below!

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10 Free HIIT Workouts

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On Monday I put this post up on Facebook:

And now I have some explaining to do.

First off, yes, I think the elliptical is a waste Read more »

Booty Burning, Quivering Quad Workout

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I think I have a favorite new workout. On Monday, I opened my new Boot Camp location in Seattle and I knew I had to have a special first day workout. With Some inspiration from another Boot Camp owner, Monty, who runs his camp in North Carolina, I came up with something magnificent. And by magnificent, I mean it will leave you huffin & puffin and possibly sore for days. That’s the meaning of magnificent, right?

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