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Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.32.22 AMWe are so excited to have launched the Fit Healthy Moms podcast! This is such a cool way for me to stay more connected to you all and share my best information with you. I have become addicted to podcasts myself. I listen to then while I make dinner, drive places, even while grocery shopping sometimes.

The Fit Healthy Moms podcast will be just like all our other sources of information – helpful, information packed, motivating, inspiring and funny. You can expect to learn my best tips on nutrition and exercise and hear all about how I’m managing to keep my own health and wellness in check while running 2.5 businesses and raising my almost two year old son, Vinnie. Trust me, you’re in for some good stories…

Here is our first episode, where you will learn:
1. My definition of a SuperMom – and how my definition has changed since I became a mom
2. My new philosophy: Juggle, Juggle, Balance, Live
3. How Fit Healthy Moms got started and how I live and breathe the lifestyle I created for all my mamas around the world
4. Who are Steve and Sara? And why are we nerds? Also, why did we choose to work together on SuperMom Workouts and the FHM podcast?
5. How you can use the Fit Healthy Moms community to help YOU meet your goals.

CLICK HERE to listen.




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