I’m Baaaack . . . with a Cardio/Core Workout Finisher

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I’m partially back from maternity leave. By partially I mean that Little Vinnie is sleeping long enough in his swing for me to actually get in a workout AND write a post for you all. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new routine!

I have been on the workout wagon for 2 weeks now. It has been humbling. I have about 8 pounds of baby weight to lose. I’m not worried about that. Mostly I want my lean muscle and strength back. That is more important than the scale!

One Week Postpartum

Here is my 1 week postpartum pic. I lost 24 of my 32 pounds of baby weight in the first week after Vinnie was born. I’ll write more about this another day, but I mostly credit the fact that I worked out until the day before Vinnie was born. And I worked out pretty hard.

But 4 and a half weeks off the workout train has taken a toll. Plus, I’m sleep deprived. So, my workouts this past two weeks have not been Full of Awesome. But, just getting them done makes me feel Full of Awesome.

I feel like I have control over VERY few things right now. So getting in 15-20 minutes of sweat makes me feel really productive and successful in my day. Today’s workout was pretty great. I started with a traditional full body strength training circuit – see below. The main workout was structured just like my 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts. Then was the fun part – a cardio/core finisher! And a finisher that involved burpees, nonetheless! They had to be done. I was having burpee anxiety, not having done them yet postpartum. They were a success and made me feel very Full of Awesome. However, next time I will nurse BEFORE burpees. Lesson learned there…

Speaking of nursing, I owe you an entire post on how NOT Full of Awesome nursing has been for me. It has really become a comedy at this point. Not to say it’s going poorly, it is going fine, FINALLY, for the *most* part. But, man-oh-man, has it been a journey. Blog post coming soon on that!!!

Ok, back to business – here’s my workout and finisher:

Squats x 10
Jump Squats x10
Push Ups x 15
Pendulum Lunges x 6 per side
Pull Ups x 8 (I did chair assisted ones)
Renegade Row x 12
Bent DB Row x 12
*Repeat 3 Rounds.

5×5 Finisher:
5 Burpees
5 Side Plank Lifts Right
5 Side Plank Lifts Left
Repeat 5 Rounds – no rest!
*Do not let hips touch ground as you move from Right side to Left side.
*Move from last Side Plank Lift into first Burpee of each round without rest.
*Smile, burpees are fun.

I'm letting Mom workout!

Thanks for letting me sweat, Vinnie! This workout took me exactly 20 minutes. I did it while Vinnie napped in his swing – with lullabies playing in the background. Not the best workout music, but a sleeping baby took priority over my Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj workout mix.

Can I get some Nicki Minaj lullabies, please???



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Mandy on November 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm.

I just did this workout and my legs are shaking. I am 9 weeks postpardum today after a c-section and it feels good to be getting back into working out. I am sure I won’t be feeling good tomorrow though ;). No pain, no gain!!


Sara Dean on November 16, 2012 at 9:24 pm.

Way to go Mandy! Be kind to yourself an listen to your body – esp your incision.


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