Missed Workouts and PB&J

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Sometimes the walls just close in on you and you have to take life as it comes. I’m in the middle of one of those times right now. It’s not a bad thing. Just a bit overwhelming.

A few months ago, I planned for my last couple months of pregnancy (Aug & Sept) to be mellow and full of time to prepare for the baby. Here I am at 35 weeks and life is anything but mellow. We have been out of town most weekends this month. There are piles of laundry, along with piles of camping gear, all over the house. I’m in the process of moving my Boot Camp across town – a transition that came about quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. I’m getting ready launch my FHM prenatal program, Baby Bumpin’, that has been in the works for a year (and should have been done months ago.) There is baby gear everywhere, most of which I don’t know what to do with.

Last night dinner was a PB&J in the car as my husband and I rushed from my Boot Camp to childbirth class. My workouts have gone from 5-6 days a week to only 3 days last week.

We are supposed to have our car seat installed this week – just in case Little Bean Dean shows up early. But my car is so dirty from camping, I refuse to put the car seat in. Oh and the oil light AND check engine light are on.

Everything is just insane…..

So much for my mellow pre-baby life. So much for sitting and folding cute little clothes while watching Top Chef. So much for napping.

I guess this is how the universe is preparing me for motherhood. It has not been a very gentle preparation. That said, I know if I can get through the next couple weeks, I’ll be ready. Sometimes it’s your ability to survive in chaos and turmoil that determines how strong you really are.

I just took 30 of my local Seattle clients through my 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program. Whenever I run this program, a few people have major curve balls thrown their way – things they think will completely derail their success: family members in the hospital for extended periods, unexpected work trips, illness, family drama and trauma. Their planned workouts get tossed out the window. Their meticulously planned meals sit uneaten in the fridge because they are not home to access them. They feel frustrated, overwhelmed and defeated.

I’m quick to tell these folks that this is REAL LIFE. Things come up everyday. There will always be urgent situations, things you don’t plan, things that are really difficult to work around. And sometimes you end up missing your workout and in your car scarfing down a PB&J on your way to take care of someone else. REAL LIFE.

When life gets overwhelming, how to you cope? Would I find you scarfing a PB&J while driving, or would I find you in a McDonald’s Drive Thru? Would you cram in a couple workouts in your busy week – or just throw in the towel completely and tell yourself you’ll, “start fresh next week”?

Life is about coping and for most people that’s a day-to-day game. Things never slow down. There is never enough time. So you must learn to live amidst the chaos rather than wait for it to be over.

For me, I’m committed to getting in more workouts and more veggies this week. Today will be workout #3 for the week. I feel really good about that. For dinner I will have chicken and the beautiful green beans that have been sitting in the fridge for a week (may have to toss a few….) And between now and dinner I will cross 10 things off my list of 347 Things To Do Before Baby.

How will you handle REAL LIFE today?



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