[VIDEO] 45/15 Interval Workout

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Here’s my workout from yesterday. It was one of those days I really did not feel like working out, but once I got started I actually felt really good. Knowing I was going to share this workout with you made me accountable, so THANK YOU! It’s such a good reminder that accountability makes a huge difference.

When you don’t feel like working out, tell someone you’re going to get it done and then report to them when you’re done. You can even do this publicly on Facebook. Nothing like a little self imposed pressure to keep you on track and successful!

45/15 Interval Workout:

T Squats
Push Ups
Star Jumps
Chest Press
Step Burpees
Ball Plank
Run x 8/Vertical Jump x 3
Tricep Push Ups

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between exercises. Do not rest between rounds. Perform 2-3 rounds (2 rounds = 16 minutes, 3 rounds = 24 minutes.)

As always, let me know how you like this workout by commenting below when you’re done. Happy sweating!



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