Lower Body Booty Blast for Moms

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Hey, stop laughing at my One Legged Burpee Demo!

Ok, I love lower body workouts. One of the benefits of lower body strength workouts is that if you do your exercises in close succession (read: little to no rest between exercises), you can get a full cardio workout WITHIN your strength workout. So much bang for your sweaty buck!

I did this demo at 32 weeks pregnant, but this is NOT a prenatal workout. I would not recommend this workout to pregnant women, unless you are extremely fit and have been performing these sort of moves throughout pregnancy. I am no longer doing 1 legged burpees in my regular workouts – I just did them here for the sake of demonstration.

However, those of you non-prego mamas, have at it! This is a great workout.

Squat Press x 10-15
Pendulum Lunges Right Leg x 8
Pendulum Lunges Left Leg x 8
One Legged Burpees Right Leg x 10
One Legged Burpees Left Leg x 10
Jump Squats x 20

Repeat x 3-5 rounds. Rest for 30-60 seconds between rounds.



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