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We just completed our first 6 Week Transformation Contest here at Fit Healthy Moms. The moms in the contest used their choice of our award winning programs to get some truly amazing results in just a few weeks.

First off, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to the 51 mamas who participated in this contest. In reality, you are all winners, because the true prize is the experience of living and learning as you change your lifestyle. It’s not easy. It’s a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other kinda effort. It takes time, patience, courage and major commitment. You should all feel very proud for taking this on.

Regardless of your results I’m proud of you for STARTING. Starting is the hardest part. That teeny, tiny moment where you begin is almost undetectable in time. But if you are committed to your start, you that moment becomes big. Many people clearly remember their first workout that changed their life – or their first healthy meal that changed the role of food in their life. It is all a big deal, worth noting, worth remembering and certainly worth celebrating.

I wish I could celerate each of you separately here and shower you with gifts. But we had to narrow it down to 3 moms. It was hard. Really hard. My biz partner and SuperMom Workouts co-creator, Steve, and I have been going back and forth trying to make the best decision. Thanks for making it really stressful for us, heehee……

So, without further ado, here are our winners:

Patty Alvarez:

7 Pounds Lost
6 Inches Lost (2.5 of belly fat!)

Patty’s story of being a depressed single mom won our hearts. But her passion for transformation and enthusiasm to help others change is a big reason she was awarded 3rd Place. Patty has seen tremendous change and growth in the last 9 months – losing over 30 pounds. The 7 pounds she lost in this contest have cemented her spirit in her new body. Congratulations Patty!

Patty’s Story:

“My name Patricia Alvarez (Patty) I have been a Fit Healthy Mom since November 2011 and haven’t looked back since. I decided to enter this contest to challenge myself to achieve results that I know are possible. I am a single mom to two beautiful daughters, my oldest 5 yrs old and my baby soon to be 3! They are little energizer bunnies so they keep me very busy!

I have always been skinny even after my first child. Unfortunately, I went through a horrible depression and I let myself go. My depression got the best of me and slowly within a year I was at my heaviest weight, 160lbs! The same weight from a few years prior, the day I gave birth to my first child! I felt myself getting bigger and more depressed and told myself, “So what if I go up a couple of sizes?” But, size 13-15 yikes!

For almost a whole year I felt out of sync with myself and felt I had no control over my body. I was taking anti-depressant on a daily basis, along with 4 other prescription medications. I’m happy to say that since I changed my diet and exercise became a
regular routine in my life I stopped taking all medications.

My wake up call to take action was when a family friend asked who the pregnant girl was in the picture I was sharing from our family trip. I had to take the camera back to see who he was referring to. It was a side view so I couldn’t tell right away until I took a double look and realized it was me!!! I broke down and cried I couldn’t believe that’s what I looked like. That was one of the hardest hits for me.

Entering in the 6 week contest I told myself I needed to continue to challenge myself. I’m not gonna lie, I honestly thought there was no way I was going to survive 6 weeks. I tracked everything I ate and drank for the first 2 weeks and I feel that in itself was my life saver. I said if I put it in my mouth I have to write in down and I don’t want anyone to know I’m eating crap. This was definitely a mind struggle with myself. I would tell myself the only person that’s gonna regret that bad choice later is me. Tracking what I ate allowed me to continue to portion my foods and snacks properly. I really think if I didn’t track at the beginning as you recommended I would not have gotten as far as I have.

During the 6 weeks I was guilty of being a scale addict. That didn’t work well, because like you said it either makes you or breaks you. I didn’t want to be a victim of the scale any longer so stuck to the 1 time a week. I know that I have come very far from when I originally started and I am definitely proud of what I have accomplished in the last 6 weeks. I honestly feel like Superwoman most days. My babies are my main strength. My 5 year old told me, “Mommy you are so strong and your tummy went away”!! That was a moment when you laugh and cry at the same time!

I have so much energy, and it’s not coming from caffeine. Without realizing it I have narrowed my coffee to maybe a cup a day. I can actually walk into a room now and walk with my head high and not wishing I looked like every skinny girl in the room. Not only am I one of the skinny women but a Fit Healthy Mom. I will be turning 30 on July 7th and I vowed that before my 30th birthday I was gonna be thin and healthy again. I may not have lost as much weight as I had original anticipated before the contest started, but I see and feel the changes in all the right places!

I have actually motivated a few family members and they actually come to me for advice on what to eat and workouts. I gave a cousin of mine the, “No one’s gonna lose the weight for you. When you’re ready be at my house ready to workout” speech. This is her second week and she thanks me for keeping her motivated. Losing weight and being healthy is a hard thing but once you’re doing it there are no regrets. I feel I have won already, I won my feeling of happiness again!! I’m only excited to see what the future holds for me (half marathon)!! We will see.

Kirsten White:

20.4 Pounds Lost
12.75 Inches Lost (4 from her belly!)

Kirsten put up some amazing numbers, confirming what really is possible when you COMMIT. And she did this all while chasing around her twin toddlers (boys!) Her biggest “Aha” was realizing she needed to look beyond the “finish line” and live for what is coming her way, not just living to get to the finish and STOP. Wise, wise words Kirsten!! It is obvious that Kirsten’s transformation so far is jsut the beginning. When you get to a certain point, there is no turning back. It is clear Kirsten has arrived at that point. Way to go Kirsten!

I am a mom to twin boy toddlers, and I know without a doubt the reason I needed to be transformed is for me to be a better mom. I recently realized that my weight (and low self-esteem) is starting to limit what I’m able to do with my boys. I want my boys to love the water (just as I do), but I refused to be caught in a swimsuit. This was my wake-up call to get real about my weight and my body (a struggle I’ve dealt with most of my life).

While doing SuperMom Workouts, I have lost an astonishing 20.4 lbs and quite a number of inches. Prior to starting the program, I had little to no strength (especially upper body), and my stamina was extremely low. I can definitely tell the progress I made during SuperMoms. Now I plan on repeating the 6 week program (to increase strength and stamina, as well as to lose more inches).

I have done some deep reflection & self-discovery. In many avenues of my life, I have tended to stumble or do a self-defeating action right at the tale end of something important (such as negative self-talk that slows me down). What I have come to realize is I have only looked at the finish line as the “end”… not what is BEYOND the finish line (and this could be applied towards anything… work, marriage, mommyhood, weight loss, or an actual race itself). This is perhaps one of the most important things I have recently recognized: I need to start looking beyond the “finish line.” Beyond the finish line is where I’ll continue to grow, not only into a better mom, but also into a better wife, daughter & friend.

Liz Poll:

18 pounds lost
19 inches lost (3.5 from her belly!)

It was really difficult to narrow down who should get first place, as all three of these moms were deserving. There were some others too, who really had amazing stories of transformation. The reason we chose Liz was in part because of her amazing results, in part because of how uniquely she documented them, and in part how she stood up to some major healthy limitations to take charge of her body. I’ve seen many, many women give up for reasons less significant than Liz’s. If you read through her blog below, you’ll see that she has to arm herself daily with medication. And some of it is medication that will really make you pack on the pounds. But Liz has not let that get in the way of her pursuit of health. Your persistence and determination is admirable Liz. We are so proud of you!

Liz’s Story:

The end… of the transformation contest but just the start to to my journey!

1. My face! I have been know as the girl with the moon face (thanks predisone). But over the past few weeks people have commented on the weight loss in my face! Take that Predisone… a kick square in the taco!
2. My desire to exercise on a daily bases. Tabata’s have changed that! 20 minutes and I feel amazing.
3. Meal planning. Sunday I plan my week… I chop, cut and cook many items to last me the week. Takes a lot of the pressure off!

I’m no writer and I thank God daily for spell check, so I dreaded the end of this contest knowing I would have to write it all down.. so instead I kept a blog. BAD ASS MOM!
(note from Sara: READ THIS. IT IS AWESOME!)
Please start from day one and move forward… or enjoy it backwards.

Again, CONGRATS to our winners and CONGRATS to each of you who committed and completed this 6 weeks! We can’t wait to do it again. Of course, you do not need to wait for another Contest to start working on your new body. You can start today by arming yourself with one of our award winning programs and committing to your new body.

Feel free to support these moms and all Transformation Mamas by leaving supportive comments below!



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Angie on July 7, 2012 at 4:09 pm.

Great job, ladies! Your transformation stories are amazing and you look awesome!!


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