[VIDEO] 4th of July Fat Burner

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If you are like most people, you’ll indulge a bit today. Allow yourself a bit of joy and pleasure, but don’t go crazy. It’ll just make you feel bad, physically and mentally. And be sure to get in a great fat burning workout before you indulge. A major metabolic boosting workout will go a LONG way in helping you combat a bit of indulgence (but not a ton of indulgence!)

Here ya go, a fat burning, high calorie burning workout you can do at home before you kick off your festivities.

July 4th Fat Burner:

Renegade Row x 4
Plank Jacks x 4
Jump Squats x 4
Skaters x 4
REPEAT x 4 (no rest)

Rest x 1:00

Bent Dumbbell Row x 4
Mr. Fantastics x 4
Push Ups x 4
Forward/Reverse Leap Frogs x 4
REPEAT x 4 (no rest)

Rest x 1:00

Vertical Jumps x 4
Alternating Jump Lunges x 4
1 Leg Dead Lift/Hop RIGHT x 4
1 Leg Dead Lift/Hop LEFT x 4
REPEAT x 4 (no rest)

Rest x 1:00

Tricep Push Ups x 4
Squat Thrusts x 4
X Jumps x 4
Jump Knee Tucks x 4
REPEAT x 4 (no rest)


Have a safe and mostly healthy holiday!



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