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One of my favorite things about my “job” (I put it in quotes because it rarely feels like work) is hearing your stories of success.

As we get into the last few days of our first ever Transformation Contest, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories of success. Each of these stories makes me so proud and happy and EXCITED for each one of you.

I recently got an email from Transformation Mama, Cassandra, that made my day. It started with her sharing that she hadn’t really seen the scale move much in the last 6 weeks. I’ve talked about that darn scale a few times recently. If that is the only way you measure success, it can really kill your spirit. Take it from me – a former scale addict. It’s a tough way to live.

Luckily Cassandra is a smart (and super tough) lady. Rather than focusing on her stagnant scale she went on to share all the things that WERE moving and changing in her life. Here is what she shared:

“The progress I’ve made includes meeting my goal of cooking a healthy veggie based dinner almost every night since I started your programs about three months ago (my husband did most of our cooking for the last 4 years after my first son was born, so me making time to meal plan and cook is a really big deal!) and losing the rest of my pregnancy weight. I’ve lost about 11 lbs and I have gained a lot of muscle.

I am getting stronger; I started using 20 lb weights in my SuperMoms workouts this week. I work out 6 days a week, I am happier (most of the time…having a 4 year old and a 2 year can, of course, be really stressful and downright discouraging at times but overall I’m managing things a lot better than I did before I started to really take care of myself) and I love that I am setting a good example for my kids.

My 4 year does parts of my workout with me every morning and he’ll often pretend to be you throughout the day and tell me different exercises or yoga poses to do. I have a lot less belly fat (but I’m still working towards that flat, never-had-kids look) and I’m down from a size 8/10 to a solid size 6 and I’m down from size 30 jeans to a 28 (I had to basically buy a whole new wardrobe and I can fit into the size 6 bridesmaids dress I got for my little sister’s wedding in August…I got to return the size 8!!!).

I get lots of compliments from friends and family. Oh and my boobs got smaller! YAY! With my first pregnancy I went from a 34C to a 34F. I’m down to a 34DD-DDD depending on the bra, but I can now wear regular sports bras and I’m small enough to shop at Victoria’s Secret again. ”

Holy Cow!!! That is so much accomplished in 3 little months. So, does it really matter that the scale hasn’t moved much in 6 weeks?!? It’s easy to see the real results lie in Cassandra’s new body, new strength, new lifestyle and the awesome modeling she is doing for her kids (and how much do I LOVE that her 4 year old pretends to be me?! Haha!)

I can’t emphasize enough the significance of looking at what you HAVE done, what you ARE doing, what you HAVE achieved, the changes your CAN see, the changes others CAN see. These are the things that matter – not what you can’t see or what you haven’t done yet. Make sure you are giving yourself credit everyday for those little steps that get you closer to your skinny jeans and back into your Victoria’s Secret undies, as well as the things that give you confidence and pride and JOY as you strut your stuff in your workouts and when you’re among friends and family. These are big moments that will keep you going. That little number on the scale has nothin’ on these moments.

Big thanks to Cassandra for letting me share your awesome Transformation story. Can’t wait to hear from the other 50 Transformation Mamas next week!



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