FHM Kris: Kicking Butt and Taking Names

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The best part of my job is hearing about the progress YOU are making. I love to hear about my mamas getting stronger, fitter and more empowered. There is such a huge carry over when this happen. By that, I mean getting strong isn’t just about losing weight or getting smaller, it’s about making big changes in your life. This is what happens when you get fit. You start seeing how you can improve more than just your body – you can improve your LIFE.

Here is an email I got from FHM Kris about how she has changed everything in her life – and getting strong was just the beginning!

“I loved today’s piece on your blog, especially the part about pushing in all aspects of your life. It really spoke to my situation right now, I’m eyeball deep in nursing school with 3 kids ages 6,4,and 3, the middle one being autistic and in endless therapies (I have an awesome husband who helps make it all happen though).

“10 years ago I was just out of college, newlywed and looking to go from biology into nursing, but I agreed to take a brief break from my career aspirations while the army moved us around for a bit. A whirlwind of kids, deployments and a million moves later I was sitting in my doctors office about 3 months after giving birth to my youngest just crying my eyes out and telling her how I couldn’t picture myself running everything for everyone anymore. She helped me with the post partum depression but during a check up visit she asked me what the last time I did for me was. It kind of stumped me. I had no identity of my own anymore.

“Earlier in my life I decided to distract myself from yet another year long deployment for my husband by getting my EMT licence and I loved every second of it, I loved discussing all things medical and medical research with my doctor, but now that she asked why I wasn’t doing it professionally it scared and confused me. I tried the usual “well it’s just not a good time right now” excuse with her, she pretty much told me it was bullsh*t and that I should just go for it. I went home annoyed at her to be honest but then I started to think about it, I have 3 daughters, what kind of example was I setting for them?

“My own mother died at 40, I technically could only have a decade left to show them everything I needed to show them (I plan to live well into my nineties but the thought is always there), I was not going to have them remember me like this! Gut Check time, I took and a deep breath and I went and signed up for just a a few pre-req classes (of course all of my classes didn’t transfer anymore because I’d let so much time go by).

“I started running, a lot, unfortunately it did nothing for how I looked, but at least I was cardiovascularly fit I guess… then I found your program and it’s made all of the difference strengthwise. I’m still not perfect with it, I went all out with the school schedule, I’m in an accelerated program, so I’m still learning how to preplan and get all of the nutrition in line, but every little step counts, right?

“I’ve gained so much, not just muscular strength from your program. We had a round of evaluations last week that I usually am a nervous wreck about, but walking in I just focused on how strong my steps felt and that somehow manifested itself as crazy confidence, which felt awesome.

“I feel like we mom’s get so wrapped up in being everything to everyone that we forget about ourselves constantly, and like you said in your blog posting, it’s about all over health. I just was not ready for my girls to think that all of their aspirations would be anihilated when they had kids, because that’s just not the case. Plus, just beating my husband at Trivial Pursuit wasn’t enough anymore, I had to prove to the WHOLE world that I was still smart despite all of the time spent with pregnancy brain and sleep deprivation.

“It’s not all perfect and wonderful, our house is a constant mess, I’m terminally behind on laundry, but at the end of the day I just feel so much happier with myself and I guess if I had to choose which one I’d rather my kids see it’d be mommy going for her goals (I’m launching straight into Nurse Practitioner studies when I get my RN) and happy, than a spotless house but mommy with no real happy outlook for the future. And, I really do have the world’s most supportive husband for all of this.

“So thank you for so many things, the great workouts, the FB support and the great articles you write.”

Getting stronger physically can change everything about your life.

Being strong makes you feel good.

Being strong makes your feel proud.

Being strong makes you look good.

Being strong makes you smile more.

Being strong makes you more confident.

Being strong makes you more thoughtful about your body, your health and your life.

Being strong makes you an action taker.

Being strong makes you bold.

Being strong makes you brave.

Being strong makes you stand taller.

Being strong makes you laugh more.

Being strong makes you cry less.

Being strong makes you see the opportunity in each day.

Being strong makes you live longer.

Being strong makes you live better.

Thank you Kris for sharing your awesome story! I want a follow up in a year. I can see such great things happening for you from every end!

So my FHMs, how has getting becoming stronger changed your life?



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