15 Minute Fat Burning Workout: Legs & Core

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This is the workout I did on Saturday. Most Saturdays I workout at home and, if the weather is decent, I love to be in my backyard. This Saturday I was in luck. No rain! So here’s what I hammered out in 15 minutes.

What makes this workout awesome:

1. Every move incorporates your core – strongly. So I don’t have to do any crunches or sit ups (total waste of time!!) Plus, my abs are starting to separate from my pregnancy already, so I’m can no longer do any crunching type exercises, as that would exacerbate the tearing/separation.

2. The use of full body moves. I’m not isolating any one muscle group in any of these exercises. Each exercise workouts at least 3 big muscle groups. This allows me to workout for a very short amount of time and target my WHOLE BODY, even though I emphasized my legs and core.

3. CARDIO FACTOR! Because I used full body moves and gave myself no rest between exercises, this workout was super cardiovascular. If you do workouts like this you DO NOT need to ever get on this stinkin’ elliptical. This is a much better use of your cardio time, as you are building muscle WHILE you burn fat – WORKOUT SMART!!

Before starting this workout, be sure to get in a proper warm up. This will allow you to really work strongly and deeply in the actual workout. With such a short workout, you can’t afford to spend have the designated “work” time warming up.

Warm up ideas: Jump rope, light jogging, jumping jacks, high knee jogging, body weight squatting and/or lunging, knee push ups, pike planks (or sun salutations). Do any combo of these for 3-5 minutes before starting the 15 minute workout.


Burpee/Squat Press
Walking Lunge & Twist
1 Arm Overhead Reverse Lunges (:30 per side)
T Push Ups
Hop Squat x 8/High Knees x 16
Side Plank T with Rotation (:30 per side)
Jump Squat x 4/Alternating Jump Lunge x 16

Perform each exercise for 1 minute unless otherwise noted. Do not rest between exercises. Rest for 1 minute after complete round. Perform a second set.


Comment below when you’ve completed this workout. What was your favorite minute?



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