7 Minute Arm Workout!

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It frequently happens that I have just minutes between clients to get in my workouts. I know my moms can relate, right?! Some days it’s just a few minutes to workout or no workout at all. With only moments to spare, is it even worth it to squeeze in a workout? YOU BETCHA!!!!

I really want to impress upon you that something is always better than nothing. So if you lose control of your day and you only have moments to get in a workout – GET IT IN! In addition to stimulating your metabolism, you will get that endorphin rush, you will burn some fat and you will be re-energized for whatever lies ahead.

Last Thursday, I had about 10 minutes to get in my arm workout. I knew if I didn’t get it in before Boot Camp, it wasn’t going to happen. So I got out my timer and got to work. 7 minutes later my workout was done, my arms were quivering and I was in a full sweat. For real! Watch the video above to see exactly what I did.

Here’s the breakdown:

Warm Up: 2 minutes of Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks


:20 push ups / :10 rest / :20 pull ups or rows / :10 rest
Repeat x 4

Overhead Press Drop Sets

Supine Overhead Tricep Extension Drop Sets

Front/Lateral Shoulder Raises

Arms will be pretty spent from push ups and pull ups (or rows.) For Drop Sets in Minutes 5 and 6, start with the heaviest weight you can manage. Do as many reps as possible with that weight and then drop to the next lowest weight. Do that weight for as many reps as possible. If the minute is not over, drop down to the next lowest weight. When swapping weights, transition quickly. You want to work the entire minute.

For Shoulder Raises, choose a weight that is challenging the entire minute. You can lower weight mid set if necessary.

No rest between minutes 4-8.

Ok ladies, you ready for the gun show?!



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Lise Anderheggen-Leif, Nurse Practitioner on February 17, 2011 at 2:38 pm.

Sara, your energy and passion for your work are inspirational. Thanks for being there for my clients. This workout is a great alternative for me on the days I can’t or won’t :) commit to a full work out because when I am done I feel as if I haven’t totally been a slacker. Keep up the good work. Lise, Family Nurse Practitioner


Sara Dean on February 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm.

Thank you Lise! It is s joy to help you and your patients sweat!


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