The TRUTH about Butter, Mayo and Splenda

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In the last few weeks I’ve gotten lots of emails from new SuperMoms asking me about Butter, Mayo and Splenda – and if they are acceptable foods. You may think that I’d be quick to say, “No, No and No.” Not the case, my friend. Read on:

Butter: If you buy organic butter, you will see one to two ingredients listed on the label: organic cream and salt, depending on if you get salted or unsalted butter. Remember, butter is an animal product, therefore it should always be bought in organic form. Here is why. Yes, butter has fat in it. But it is fat that is recognizable AND digestible by the human body. Same goes for coconut oil – high in fat, but fat that our body can process in a healthy way. That doesn’t mean eat a cube of butter a day, but a light smear on sprouted toast or to lightly coat a pan is fine. Don’t even think about margarine or any butter substitutes. THEY ARE NOT REAL FOOD. You will not recognize the ingredients that make them up. Neither will your body. That is where you get into trouble. If your body cannot recognize it, it cannot process it appropriately. This leads to metabolic dysfunction in the long run!

Mayo: Most mayo is made from soybean oil and eggs. You know how I feel about soy. BAD. Soy is the most genetically modified food on the planet. Stay away from it unless you’re getting it in it’s most pure and organic form – which is NOT mayo. Here is a label from a jar of low fat mayo. The first ingredient after water is soybean oil, followed by eggs and then a bunch of things I can’t pronounce including “artificial ingredients”. SCARY! If you can’t pronounce it your body cannot digest it. Do not consume. You can make your own mayo with healthy oil. I have not done this, because I do not enjoy mayo at all. I know my friend Isabel de los Rios, author of the Diet Solution, has a great clean mayo recipe.

My preference is to use other spreads on my sammies – like hummus and avocado/guacamole. I find the texture and flavoring to be a million times better than mayo!

Splenda: If you followed me for long, you know how I feel about this. Don’t ever let me catch you with those nasty little yellow packets in your hands! I love you enough to tell you to STOP THE SPLENDA INSANITY. It’s scary stuff. A packet of raw sugar has 15 calories in it and will not harm your health. It will not give you cancer. It will not interfere with your metabolic function. It will not interfere with your thyroid function. It will not make you gain weight. The opposite is true with Splenda. There is a decent chance it WILL interfere with your metabolic function and thyroid function – and because of that it WILL make you gain weight. In fact all sorts of research is coming out on the the link between artificial sweeteners and obesity.

These sweeteners trick your brain and your metabolism into thinking your HAVE had a bunch of sugar, generating an insulin response and creating a sugar craving roller coaster. Like I said, scary stuff. Stick with raw sugar or, if you must have a calories free sweetener, the ONLY safe option is pure stevia (not Truvia, which is a stevia blend made by the Coca Cola company – don’t get me started on that Coca Cola pretending to have your best interest at heart…)

Thanks to my SuperMoms who have been sending in these awesome questions in an effort to be so diligent on their program. You ladies ROCK!



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