17 Reasons to SWEAT

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Sometimes you you just need a little reminder as to why sweating is so worth it. I don’t need to tell you about your heart health, burning calories and preventing diabetes. Be honest, some days the science behind exercise just isn’t enough to motivate you. Perhaps these reasons will help you get your rear in gear:

1. You can eat more.

2. You won’t feel your waistband digging into your love handles and back fat hanging over your bra.

3. You will look better naked.

4. You will want to get naked more often.
(Your husband will thank you for this.)

5. Your friends will think you’re a badass.

6. You will look hot.

7. You will feel better about yourself.

8. You will be less easily depressed/frustrated/cranky over silly things.

9. You will have less back fat/belly fat/butt fat.

10. You will be a happier/nicer/more patient mommy.

11. You will be more vain – but rightfully so.

12. You will feel less guilty about drinking wine.

13. You will sleep better.

14. You will have fewer tantrums.

15. You will barf less/sneeze less/cough less.

16. You will live longer.

17. You will live better.

Comment below and let us know what reason will make you sweat today!



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