Sugar Shockers!

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I set out to do this little sugar demo to a bunch of elementary school kids last month.  But, I was so shocked by what I found that I knew I had to share it with all my moms, as this is really important info for you AND the kiddos.

In this video you will learn that:

Yogurt is NOT a healthy breakfast option.

Snapple sucks.

Orange juice is not the friend you thought she was.

A Snickers bar may be better for your waistline than Vitamin Water.

The chocolate milk your kids drink at lunch everyday = soda pop.

Clearly, you need to watch the video to learn all the shocking things I learned.

We all know sugar is REALLY bad for your waistline, but you probably did not know how much sugar was in some of these things you consider “healthy”.  Moms who want to lose belly fat must be very aware of sugar intake.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s the truth.  Show me the moms you know who have flat mommy bellies and eat or drink a bunch of sugar.  You probably don’t know too many, do ya?

Be sure as you make dietary changes on your never-ending quest for mom body perfection (such an exhausting job, huh?!), you note which of the items above should and should not be a part of you diet.



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